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Mosaix Floor
Product Line

Mosaix Floor Product Line

Mosaix Floor product line utilizes multi-colored quartz aggregates and chemical-resistant polymer resin technology to create a decorative seamless flooring system.

The Mosaix Floor product line is perfect for sanitary environments such as Labs, cleanrooms, bathrooms, Locker Rooms, etc.


Our Mosaix floor line offers many benefits to facilities and organizations looking for attractive, durable, and chemical-resistant flooring. Our Mosaix Floor line will help create a sterile environment that is easy to clean, using low-odor materials. This floor system is also abrasion, slip, and stain-resistant to stand up to spills, scratches, and other accidents that may occur.

Durex’s Mosaix Floor line requires very little maintenance (no waxing or striping) and is easy to clean. The flooring is highly durable, with waterproofing and anti-fracture membranes available.  The Mosaix floor line also features an attractive and subtle mosaic pattern.  This color blend can be modified as required.

Please contact one of our project managers to discuss specific customizable details such as heavy point loading, chemical exposure, slope to drain, and anti-fracture membranes.

The Mosaix floor line is designed for use in the following environments:

  • Pharmaceutical Manufacturing
  • Laboratory Environments
  • Veterinary Clinics and Hospitals
  • Shower and Restroom Areas
  • Clean Rooms
  • Hospital and Healthcare Facilities
  • Animal Research

The Mosaix Floor product line is installed by factory-trained Durex Coverings employees only.  No subcontractors!  The installer on your project is a member of Durex’s team.

Mosaix Floor Systems

  • Mosaix Floor: decorative seamless flooring system with a mosaic mixture of clear polymer resins and ceramic quartz aggregates.
  • Mosaix Floor #190: decorative seamless flooring system with increased thickness and a mosaic mixture of clear polymer resins and ceramic quartz aggregates.
  • Mosaix Floor HD: decorative seamless flooring system that uses a heavy-duty trowel-applied mortar system of color-quartz aggregates and polymer technology.
  • Mosaix Cementightdecorative seamless flooring system that is thermal-, shock- and heat-resistant and uses heavy-duty hybrid cementitious urethane technology.


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