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Resinous Seamless
Wall Installations

Durex is the Industry Leader in Resinous Wall Installations

Our resinous and fiberglass-reinforced wall systems provide a seamless and sanitary solution for environments that require an upgrade from traditional wall coating systems.

All Durex resinous wall installations can be customized to provide the level of protection needed for any project.  

Customizable options for Durex resinous wall systems are as follows:

Decorative Mosaic Quartz or Flake Finish

Clients designing more elegant spaces such as spas or hotel rooms often opt for seamless decorative wall systems. We offer beautiful mosaic quartz and flake finishes that are as durable as they are aesthetically pleasing.

Antimicrobial Agent Additive

In spaces where moisture is expected, we strongly recommend that you customize your wall systems and flooring systems to include an antimicrobial agent additive.

Reinforced Fiberglass Cloth

Durex resinous wall systems can be upgraded by incorporating a woven fiberglass cloth into the polymer wall system.  Reinforced fiberglass will increase the wall’s structural integrity and help prevent physical damage.

Flexible Impact Resistant Membrane Wall System

Flexible impact resistant membrane wall systems are available for clients who need an extra layer of impact protection.

UV Stable Seal Coats

Seal coat options for all Durex resinous walls systems include UV resistant urethane seal coats.  Our hybrid urethane and Polyaspartic seal coats offer added abrasion resistance, true white color finish, and added UV resistance.

Chemical and Stain Resistant Seal Coats

For most of our seamless wall or flooring installation projects, we recommend that our customers choose a seal coat that contains chemical and stain-resistant properties. These seal coats are especially useful in environments such as labs and kitchens, where chemical or other materials are likely to come into contact with walls or floors.

Rounded Seamless Vertical & Horizontal Corner Details – No 90 Degree Corners

Some of our resinous wall systems include a detailing process to create round corners at the wall/wall and wall/ceiling interface.  This detail improves cleanability and reduces maintenance.

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