Since 1964 Durex Coverings, Inc. has been a leader in:

Oval 1 + Resinous Floor

Oval 1 + Resinous Floor

Oval 1 + Resinous Floor

Our dedication to innovative products and solutions in the Resinous Floor and Wall industry has established our position as a leader in this market. Durex is a privately owned and operated firm, with offices in Maryland and Pennsylvania.

The principals of innovation and customer service that ensured Durex’s success as a small family business in 1964 are still present today.

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At Durex Coverings, we are dedicated to providing our clients with durable, aesthetically pleasing flooring and wall solutions. We serve clients in the Pennsylvania, Maryland, Delaware, Virginia, New Jersey & DC areas in a diverse range of industries with excellent customer service at every stage of design and installation. 

If you’re looking for a reliable expert resinous flooring contractor who goes the extra mile to take care of customers, then you’ve come to the right place. From determining the right flooring for your space to installation and repairs, our mission is to leave you with an end product that meets all of your needs. Take a look at the flooring and wall installation services we provide below. 


We provide innovative resinous flooring and related design services that capture our customers’ vision for their spaces. We even offer free personal site visits where our team will review your site details to ensure our specifications remain accurate. 

Surface Preparation

We offer surface polymer flooring surface preparations as a critical first step of any flooring process. Our team of professionals uses the latest surface preparation technology to repair and condition the surface for the type of flooring that will be installed.

Self-Leveling Underlayments

We provide self-leveling polymer and gypsum underlayments to aid in stabilizing distressed concrete. We use gypsum underlayments with PSI ratings of at least 2,500 pounds, and our polymer toppings are self-leveling and durable.  

Resinous Flooring Installations

At Durex Coverings, our flooring installation experts are our own employees who have a proven track record of excellence. We install flooring such as resinous flooring, epoxy flooring, MMA flooring, acrylic resin flooring, urethane mortar flooring, acid-resistant flooring and more.

Seamless Wall Installations

As a leader in seamless wall installations, we offer a variety of wall types to choose from, and we commission our own employees for installation. We’re a licensed, factory-trained installer of:

  • Fiberglass Reinforced Wall Systems
  • Flexible Wall System 
  • Epoxy Wall Coatings

Deck Coatings

We offer parking and promenade deck coatings using high-quality elastomeric membrane systems. Elastomeric membrane coatings will improve the longevity of your parking deck or another concrete surface by providing waterproof and wear and tear protection.

Restoration & Reconditioning

We offer floor restoration and reconditioning services for polymer flooring. Since polymer flooring is  long-lasting, it can be maintained for decades with simple repair and restoration services.

Exterior Flooring Solutions

We provide a diverse variety of acrylic, cementitous and elastomeric exterior coating solutions. From waterproofing to stenciling, we will work with you to implement an exterior coating that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing.


We serve clients in a wide variety of industries with superior flooring solutions that are easy to clean and are designed to last for decades. We provide flooring and wall installation services for clients in the following industries:

If you want to find out more about what Durex Coverings can do for your industry, talk to an expert today!

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The relationship between Gilbane and Durex has resulted in many flooring installations which have exceeded owner expectation.

It is apparent that craftsmanship is alive and well at Durex and you can be proud of your people and how they represented your company.

The on time schedule delivery with the various phases and challenging applications was executed flawlessly by the team. This coupled with the minimal change orders truly displayed an understanding of the job’s complexity and customer service required.

Thank you! Durex’s crew did an excellent job.

Your team worked effectively and efficiently. We appreciate everyone’s hard work commitment to our project. Durex was a significant part of the success of the project and we look forward to having you on our next project as our Resinous Flooring contractor!


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