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Substrate Surface

About Flooring Surface Preparation

Selecting the appropriate surface preparation method is a crucial step for a successful installation.  The right surface preparation method is dependent on the type of polymer system to be installed and the current condition of the substrate. 

Durex has the capability to perform the surface preparation method that best suits the needs of our customers as well as the system we’re installing.

Surface preparation equipment requires Power.  Power availability and logistics are crucial to every project site review.  Our installations are often required prior to significant power availability on new construction projects.  For this reason, Durex owns and operates a large collection of surface preparation equipment so that we can provide maximum flexibility for our customers.   From generators to propane to battery-powered prep equipment – we have your needs covered!

Surface Preparation Techniques

  • Diamond Grinding
  • Shot-Blasting
  • Scarifying
  • Mastic, glue, and adhesive removal
  • Floor Removal – Demo

Surface Preparation Installations

  • Crack & Joint Repair
  • Slope to Drain, i.e. “Pitching”
  • Self Leveling Underlayments
  • Slab overlays
  • Crack Dampening Membranes

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