About Flooring Surface Preparation

Selecting and executing the appropriate surface preparation is a crucial step towards ensuring a successful polymer floor installation.

The appropriate surface preparation method is dependant on the type of polymer system that is being installed, as well as the current condition of the substrate.

Durex has the capability to perform the surface preparation method that best suits the needs of our customers as well as the system we’re installing.

Surface Preparation Techniques

  • Acid Etching
  • Disc Grinding / Sanding
  • Diamond Grinding
  • Shot-Blasting
  • Scarifying
Man Stripping Flooring
Floor Removal – Demo

Surface Preparation Installations

  • Crack & Joint Repair
  • Slope to Drain, i.e. “Pitching”
  • Cementitous Underlayments
  • “Caping” Slabs
  • Crack Dampening Membranes
Shot Blasted Concrete
Concrete shot-blasted and Joints treated