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About Us

Durex has been a leader in the resinous flooring and self-leveling underlayment industry since 1964.

Our dedication to innovative products and solutions has established our position as an industry leader. Our 60+ year tradition of success is the result of four core attributes:

No Subcontractors

We do not subcontract our labor.  Your project contact – from office to field, is a Durex employee. Employing our team members gives us the ability to maintain the quality of our finished product.

Multiple Locations

Durex has offices in multiple locations in the Mid-Atlantic region.  These are not franchises – we are one company.  Durex has the ability to strategically pull resources from multiple offices to service your project. 

60+ Years of Experience

Since 1964, Durex has been a privately owned and operated firm.

Our greatest asset is the field experience of our project managers and installation foremen. We currently have employees with 20, 30, and 40+ years of employment with our firm.

Industry-Leading Products

Floor solutions need to address slip resistance, anticipated abuse, chemical resistance, cleanability, and overall durability.  These factors are the same across a wide range of business operations.  From hospitals and universities to stadiums to airports…flooring selection is critical.

We have developed a resinous flooring product line that will provide solutions to the many industries we service: