Durex Coverings is the leading supplier and installer of Resinous Floor and Wall systems in the Mid-Atlantic region. Our dedication to innovative products and solutions in the resinous floor and wall industry has established our position as a leader in this market.

With over 50 years of experience, Durex Coverings has developed a product line with a proven history of success. We understand the specific requirements of our customer’s need for a durable, low maintenance and sanitary floor system. Our product line has been designed specifically to meet these requirements.

Our product line has been designed specifically to meet these requirements.

  • Orange Metallix Floor
    Metallix Floor Product Line

    For a beautiful high-shine floor, choose our Metallix Floor product line. A seamless and decorative metallic poured flooring system, it utilizes 100% solids technology to create an attractive alternative to stained and polished concrete. Available in 16 color options, it’s easy to install in a variety of industries. 

    Speak to a Durex Coverings flooring expert today to see if Metallix is the right choice for you.  

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  • Blue and White Speckled Floor
    Pharmafloor Product Line

    Pharmafloor is designed to meet the flooring needs of the pharmaceutical industry. It is resistant to chemicals, thermal shock, wear and abrasion, and is moisture tolerant for the ultimate protective floor. Pharmafloor is a seamless floor system engineered for a quick return to service. Choose from 16 color options for an attractive look.

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  • Red Cementight Flooring
    Cementight Product Line

    Some environments, like food labs and industrial kitchens, are prone to temperature changes and excess moisture. Durex Covering’s Cementight Flooring product line provides a sanitary solution to this problem. This industrial flooring system utilizes hybrid urethane composition resin technology with a cement-based aggregate. The result is an industrial flooring system that is thermal shock and temperature resistant. 

    Speak with a Durex Coverings expert to see if our Cementight polymer resin flooring is the right flooring solution for your facility. 

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  • White Impax Floor with Gray and Black Designs
    Impax Floor Product Line

    Industrial environments need flooring that will stand up to repeated impact from constant foot traffic and heavy-duty machinery. To meet this need, Durex Coverings’ Impax Floor product line uses a mixture of chemical resistant epoxy, urethane resins and graded aggregates that create a seamless industrial flooring system. 

    This fluid-applied epoxy floor system is designed to be low maintenance and high-quality. You can install this product in your fire station, lab, warehouse and more. Choose from one of nine solid color options.

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  • Dymaflake Flooring
    DymaFlake Product Line

    For a durable and seamless floor system with an attractive finish, choose DymaFlake flooring This product line utilizes multi-colored vinyl flake aggregates, chemical resistant epoxy and urethane resins to create a decorative seamless floor system. These poured resin floors are great for environments such as gymnasiums, cafeterias, science classrooms and restrooms. The DymaFlake product line is available in 16 color options that have various flake shades for visual interest.

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  • Blue Mosaix Floor and Stairs
    Mosaix Floor Product Line

    Multi-colored quartz aggregates and urethane resin or chemical resistant epoxy technology combined to create a decorative seamless flooring system. The Mosaix Floor product line from Durex Coverings is the ideal solution for sanitary environments, such as labs, locker rooms and bathrooms. Work with our experts to design custom fluid-applied epoxy floor systems for your facility. Select from 16 color options to create the right look in your restroom or locker room.

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Durex Coverings has been a leader among industrial epoxy flooring manufacturers since 1964. With our quality products and dedication to customer service, we are proud to serve clients in Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia, D.C., New Jersey and Delaware.

At every step of your polymer floor coating installation, the Durex Coverings team will make sure we meet all of your needs. For every project, we only use Durex Coverings employees, never subcontractors. Our resin flooring is durable and promotes optimal sanitation and productivity in your facility.

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