Our Restore and Recondition team is ready to bring your floor systems back to life!

We offer services to clean, re-finish, polish, overlay and/or re-seal your existing floor systems – for a fraction of the original cost of installation.

Unlike other flooring goods, Polymer flooring doesn’t need to be completely removed and re-installed once the lifecycle of the product is over. Our Restoration and Reconditioning capabilities can bring your floor back to life.

We specialize in Restoring and Reconditioning the following systems:

  • Epoxy Flooring
  • Urethane Flooring
  • Quartz & Flake Flooring
  • Terrazzo
  • Stained Concrete
  • Sealed Concrete
Mosaix Brown Flooring in Fire Hall
Dymaflake over 30 yr old Terrazzo