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Self Leveling Underlayment at Dealership


The 10,000 SF sales and show-room area was specified to receive a high-end specialty tile.  The specialty tile had a very small tolerance for flatness discrepancies.  Once the VCT and glue/mastic was removed from the existing sales/showroom area, the owner and construction manager knew they were going to have a problem with the specialty tile because of the irregularities in the substrate.

To make matters worse, the schedule was extremely tight and any corrective work would have to take place over a 72-hour window.


DUREX was contracted to review the substrate and provide a plan to remediate the flatness issue.  DUREX shot-blasted the concrete, flash patched the deep fill areas (trenching, spalled concrete, etc.) and poured a self-leveling cementitous underlayment over the 10,000 SF sales/showroom area in less than 72 hours.

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