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Self Leveling Underlayment Repairs Substrate


An elderly care facility was renovating an old building to add more space for their growing population. The renovation involved moving many walls/partitions in the old kitchen area to create a new medical wing. The existing quarry tile was missing in spots, damaged in others and unable to receive new floor finishes. The schedule was also weeks behind.


Durex provided an alternate solution to the demolition of the quarry tile. The quarry tile was deemed to be in good structural shape so Durex proposed prepping the quarry tile via mechanical bead blasting to ensure a good surface profile was achieved. Then the tile was primed and “capped” with a self-smoothing hydraulic cement underlayment. The finish product was a smooth consistent cement topping that was ready for tile or carpet the next day. Since the quarry tile was structurally sound, eliminating the demolition step in the process saved both time in the schedule as well as cost. The total downtime of the area was less than 48 hrs.

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