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Impax Floor in Service Bay


A lawn care equipment company has been servicing their community for the past 40 years.  A few years ago, they added snow plow repair to their list of services. The area they use to service the snow plows is the same area used for lawn care equipment repair.  To compound the problem, this area also has occupied space located directly below the shop floor.

The snow plow repair area was located on the upper level. This area had years of water intrusion from the plow repair which deteriorated the concrete floor and was starting to rust the steel structure. With snow plow repair season fast approaching, DUREX needed to design a long term solution to eliminate the water intrusion as well as repair the spalled concrete in the upstairs shop area. This substrate had many years of grease, gas, oil and solvents saturated into the concrete.


The method DUREX utilized was to apply a ¼” urethane cement base layer with a chemical and UV resistant polyaspartic finish coat.  DUREX shot-blasted the existing shop floor twice to remove the years of contamination. After the structural joint and crack repairs, DUREX applied the multi-layered urethane cement system.   The value of a urethane cement system in lieu of a traditional troweled epoxy mortar is the moisture tolerance, fast cure (minimal shut-down) and chemical resistance.

The work was completed in less than a week and the owner is back to business and very satisfied with the final result.

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