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Gyp-Crete and Acoustical Treatment


A developer was renovating a 65+year old abandoned wood structure manufacturing warehouse with a design to become city apartments for 55+ year old semi-retirees. The area consisted of 35,000 over three (3) levels of the building.

There were many challenges to this project.  First of all, the floor flatness tolerances were off “level” an average of (2) to (3) inches.  In addition to the flatness issues, DUREX was asked to improve the fire rating of the old wooden building as well as improve the IIC & STC sound rating of the flooring substrate.


DUREX installed an acoustical floor treatment to the substrate and pumped a self-leveling underlayment over 35,000 SF.  The acoustical floor treatment improved the sound rating and the self leveling product achieved the flatness necessary to continue the renovation.

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