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Seamless Resilient Poured Flooring


A boys and girls club for inner city youth had failing VCT on a delaminating wood substrate.

The school needed a seamless floor system that could be installed over a wooden substrate. However, a typical “Epoxy Floor” system would not work in this case because the owner needed a floor system that is not only easy to clean, but one that would reduce noise and also maintain an ergonomic feel from foot traffic.


DUREX selected and installed a proprietary resin and rubber aggregate blended material with a decorative fleck and clear chemical resistant seal coats.  After removing the delaminated wooden substrate, DUREX repaired the substrate with a polymer modified acrylic cement, in order to create a suitable substrate.

DUREX then installed a multi-layered flexible cushioned floor system with water based finish coats. All products used were 0-VOC.

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