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Mosaix Floor Installed over Ceramic Tile


This was a 40 year old high school with out-dated ceramic tile floors in locker rooms, pool deck, and bleachers.  The ceramic tile grout joints were holding dirt and grime and had reached the point of “unsanitary.”  In addition to the cleanliness issues the ceramic tile created, the aesthetics were very out dated and poor as well.  However, the ceramic tile was still very well bonded and structurally intact.


DUREX reviewed the existing floor and wall substrate and determined that it was suitable for an epoxy overlay system.  DUREX installed a decorative trowel-grade quartz floor system over the existing ceramic tile.  The tile was washed and cleaned, then abraded with a combination of mechanical floor preparation equipment.  The CT was then primed and overlaid with a trowel applied quartz flooring system.

Non-skid aggregate was added to the trowel applied system to ensure proper slip resistance was maintained around the pool deck and locker rooms.

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