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Low Odor Resin Flooring in Restrooms


This project was a renovation of a multi-floor office complex, originally constructed in 1974.   The original floor product was a solvent based epoxy and urethane decorative seamless floor system. In 2013 the owner of the building decided the floors needed to be renovated.

Each bathroom of the multi-floor office complex required new poured seamless flooring.  However, the flooring replacement needed to be done two (2) bathrooms at a time.  More importantly, because the office building could not shut-down operations, the occupants could not be disturbed by any odor created during the floor renovation project.  DUREX was asked to provide a decorative, chemical resistant floor system that could be installed during normal office hours without ANY complaints of smell or odor.


All diamond grinding floor preparation of the 30+year old existing epoxy was performed off hours for noise control.  DUREX then installed a multi-step 100% water-based decorative and chemical resistant poured floor system throughout the office building for the next 12 weeks.  Utilizing water-based technology in lieu of standard petroleum based epoxy technology allowed DUREX to solve this owner’s problem while keeping the office building in full use.

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