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Cementight Flooring in Cutting Room at Low Temperatures


The cutting room floor had been finished with traditional epoxy 15+ years ago. Trenching had since been done to fix plumbing issues and concrete patches were poured. The patches didn’t hold up to the extreme environment of the food & beverage industry. The patches spalled, cracked and wore away leaving depressions that created an unsanitary environment over time. The space could only be down for 48 hours and the substrate (and ambient temperature) was around 30 degrees F.


DUREX mechanically prepared the substrate with abrasive media blasting. DUREX poured industrial urethane cement into the trenches and low spots to flush out the slab elevations. DUREX then poured ¼” urethane cement body coat over the entire floor space and broadcasted with quartz aggregate. The next day the area was prepared and seal coated with a chemical & abrasion resistant polyaspartic topcoat. The seal coat was continued up the walls 24” to create a “bath-tub” of a seamless, sanitary, easy to clean floor/wall system.

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