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Mosaix Floor in Multipurpose Room


The Fellowship Hall & Kitchen are used for various social and sports events and as a true multi-purpose facility. The Church utilizes its Full Service Kitchen & Fellowship Hall for large church dinners and gatherings. The Fellowship Hall is also used for Volleyball, Basketball and other youth events.

The Church was looking for an upgrade to their Vinyl Composition Tile (VCT) floor. The VCT was installed in the early 1990’s and had begun to show signs of wear and delamination in the kitchen. VCT requires routine buffing and polishing to keep its look. The Members wanted to move in a direction of less maintenance. Since the Church uses this area frequently and wanted to keep it looking great with very little maintenance they chose a Seamless Epoxy Flake Floor System.


An Asbestos Test was done on the VCT Flooring and Glue to ensure everyone’s safety.  Once the project was declared “safe”, DUREX removed the existing VCT and Vinyl Base Molding throughout the Fellowship Hall & Kitchen.  DUREX then prepared the floor using a Shot Blast Machine and Grinders and installed a 1/16” Flake Epoxy Floor.  To create some aesthetic style, DUREX installed 2 colors in the Fellowship Hall. The dark color was used around the boarder to create the out of bounds lines for the Volleyball & Basketball courts without taking away from the appearance of the new floor. DUREX then installed the lighter color flakes and Epoxy Cove Base in the Kitchen for easier cleaning.  Since the existing fellowship floor slab had an expansion joint around the perimeter we installed a Vinyl Base Molding to match the Epoxy Flake Boarder Color. The Church’s Pastor took his first Free Throw Shot 2 weeks from the start of the project and of course he made it!

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