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Moisture Vapor Treatment for Underlayment


A 22,000 SF new construction medical facility with a slab on grade concrete design was unable to achieve acceptable RH and Moisture levels for the glue down Vinyl flooring.  Despite the fact that a vapor barrier was engineered and installed under the concrete, the levels were still not acceptable to the vinyl flooring manufacturer.

To make matters worse, all the wall partitions were already installed, and in order to limit the delays of the corrective action, all work needed to be performed on 2nd shift in order to keep other trades working during normal business hours.


DUREX prepared the new concrete using vacuum controlled high speed diamond grinding machine and prefilled all concrete control joints with a cement filler.  DUREX then installed a MVT moisture barrier coating, followed by an acrylic primer and finally pumped and poured a self-leveling underlayment.

The vinyl flooring work commenced immediately as all RH and Moisture levels were achieved.  The project was completed on time.

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