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Flexible wall system in Animal Research facility


A research facility requires a seamless wall system that will withstand the abusive environment associated with animal research.  The walls will be subject to daily impact by carts, cages, and 180 degree water for clean down. Other standard epoxy coating systems have failed in this facility after only a few short months of use under these conditions.


DUREX recommended and installed a FLEXIBLE WALL SYSTEM.  The semi-rigid epoxy membrane body coat of this wall system can withstand the impact of carts and cages without puncturing or compromising the coating itself.  We’ve seen extreme cases where the wall substrate (backer board, Durock, etc.) is “crushed” by the impact of a cart and yet the coating itself was not punctured because of the flexible nature and resiliency of the system.

It’s been many months since DUREX installed this product and the system is intact and working well.

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