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Flexible & Seamless Mechanical Room Flooring


A large manufacturing plant recently constructed a mezzanine mechanical room. While curing, the concrete cracked significantly. The mezzanine area was built over occupied space of the manufacturing plant. The owner worried about the possibility of water into the space below, contaminating their manufacturing process.


DUREX mechanically prepared the concrete substrate to ensure proper bonding of the waterproofing system. Any cracks larger than 1mm were routed using a crack saw with a diamond blade to the width of ¼” by ¼” deep. All cracks were then filled with a flexible polyurethane sealant. A urethane based mechanical waterproofing system was then applied to the entire mezzanine floor. The entire mezzanine treatment (from the flexible polyurethane sealant to the urethane coating) is designed to flex and compress without cracking if future concrete movement occurs, therefore adding to the protection of the sensitive equipment below.

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