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Fiberglass Reinforced Seamless Walls & Ceilings

Many customers choose DUREX because they require a sterile environment in order to perform their daily operation.  DUREX’s seamless floor options are only part of the solution for many customers.

Often times, as shown in the above photo from one of our Healthcare customers, DUREX installs a Fiberglass Reinforced Seamless Wall & Ceiling system to maintain a sterile environment by installing a seamless floor/wall/ceiling system that eliminated transitions that can promote microbial growth and bacteria.

Our Fiberglass Reinforced Wall & Ceiling systems offer an impact resistant surface that can withstand the harsh cleaners required in a sterile environment as well as providing a seamless interface at all terminations.

Please be sure to inquire about our low odor water-based wall & ceiling systems that have become more popular with our GREEN conscious customers.

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