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Impax Floor is Chemical Resistant


After years of service, the existing coating in the kennel was flaking and scratching off the concrete from abuse.  The owner of the dog kennel facility needed a chemical and urine resistant floor system that would not peel or flake from the animals.  Furthermore, down-time was minimal because the owner of the dog kennel couldn’t shut-down his facility for more than 5-days because of the lost revenue.

To make matters worse, the slab was “on-grade” and DUREX suspected a moisture vapor problem due to the blisters in the existing coating.


DUREX removed the existing paint coating with a combination of shot-blasters and diamond grinders.  DUREX then applied moisture mitigation system to treat the suspected moisture problem in the concrete substrate.  After treating the slab, DUREX applied a self-leveling epoxy slurry with a polyaspartic finish coat to withstand the scratching, urine, and cleaning procedures.

The project was completed in 5 days.

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