Durex is the leading supplier and installer of Resinous Floor and Wall systems. Our dedication to innovative products and solutions in the Resinous Floor and Wall industry has established our position as a leader in this market.

Over the course of 50+ years in the Resinous Floor and Wall industry, Durex has developed a product line that has a proven history of success. Durex understands the specific requirements of our customer’s need for a durable, low maintenance, and sanitary floor system.

Our product line has been designed specifically to meet these requirements.

  • Mosaix Floor Product Line

    Durex’s Mosaix Floor product line utilizes multi-colored quartz aggregates and chemical resistant epoxy or urethane resin technology to create a decorative seamless flooring system.

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  • DymaFlake Product Line

    Durex’s DymaFlake product line utilizes multi-colored vinyl flake aggregates and chemical resistant epoxy and urethane resins to create a decorative seamless floor system.

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  • Impax Floor Product Line

    Durex’s Impax Floor product line utilizes a mixture of graded aggregates, chemical resistant epoxy and urethane resins to create various seamless industrial flooring systems.

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  • Cementight Product Line

    Durex’s Cementight product line utilizes hybrid urethane composition resin technology with a cement based aggregate to create an industrial flooring system that is thermal shock and temperature resistant.

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  • Pharmafloor Product Line

    Pharmafloor is a decorative, thermal shock and chemical resistant seamless floor system engineered for quick return to service.

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  • Metallix Floor Product Line

    Metallix Floor is a seamless & decorative metallic poured flooring system that utilizes 100% solids technology to create an attractive alternative to stained and polished concrete.

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