In construction, self-leveling underlayments are essential to a floor’s strength and stability. Underlayments are poured over distressed concrete or concrete planks to provide a solid base for overlaying floor components. Self-leveling polymer cement and gypsum underlayments provide your floor with longevity and strength.

If you need self-leveling flooring installation in Pennsylvania, Maryland, New Jersey, Delaware, Virginia or the D.C. area, choose Durex Coverings, the leading name in self-leveling underlayment installation. With our quality products and outstanding customer service, we will make your self-leveling underlayment installation an excellent experience.

Self-Leveling Cement Underlayments

Choosing to pour cement underlayments over your distressed concrete or concrete plank before other trades will provide a better working surface for your flooring project. Our self-leveling underlayment installation provides a smooth surface for your project. Installing this self-leveling underlayment will make your flooring system stronger, smoother and more stable.

There are many benefits to taking the time to pour a self-leveling concrete underlayment early in your construction project. Self-leveling cement installation provides a smooth surface for marking and laying drywall tracking, which ultimately gives the customer a better job overall. Cement underlayments work well under hard finished floor systems like vinyl or ceramic tile and withstand years of traffic. In a manufacturing environment, they are ideal for forklifts and other vehicles that carry heavy loads. In a practical sense, the smoothness of the cement underlayment makes floor installation easier.

Typical strengths of self-leveling underlayment range from 4,000 to 7,500 PSI, so you’ll be assured that the floor will withstand most heavy-duty use.

Typical uses of self-leveling polymer cement underlayments include:

Since 1986, Durex has gained certified contractor status on various products and have poured hundreds of truckloads of these products throughout the Mid-Atlantic region. Contact us today to learn more about how pouring cement underlayment first will make your flooring stronger and smoother.

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Self-Leveling Polymer Cement Toppings

If your structure already has a concrete floor that has significant damage, there’s no need to replace the concrete. Durex Coverings offers cement floor underlayments that will improve your existing floor by increasing its structural integrity.

Cement toppings are best used when the entire concrete floor is pitted or damaged. After removing the bad concrete, a cement topping is applied and binds with the remaining floor. The result is a new concrete surface with comparable or greater compressive strengths as a newly poured slab of concrete.

Typical uses of cement toppings include:

  • Commercial structure renovation
  • Institutional renovation

Trust Durex Coverings for self-leveling polymer cement toppings. With our vast range of products, we’re sure to have the right material that meets your needs. After our team is finished with your floor, you’ll be impressed with its quality.

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Gypsum Cement Underlayments

Gypsum floors are a modern improvement on traditional concrete underlayments. With its durable strength and ease of installation, gypsum cement underlayments are an excellent choice.

Gypsum cement underlayments offer many benefits over traditional underlayments. Traditional concrete requires an extended timeframe to cure and may shrink during that process. Gypcrete flooring will reach its maximum strength within hours, and it slightly expands during the hydration process. Gypsum products will last longer, as they will withstand years of traffic and have less tendency to crumble under hard finished flooring products.

Recent technological advances in the gypsum cement underlayment market have raised the bar on what you should expect from a gypcrete product. As a customer, you should no longer live with gypsum products that rate less than 2,000 PSI. Manufacturers are now providing gypsum cement underlayments with PSI ratings from 2,500 to 4,500 pounds. It’s easy to get the durable floor you need with gypcrete flooring installation from Durex Coverings.

Durex has also partnered with other underlayment manufacturers to provide our customers with the best possible solution to a substrate problem. We want you to have only the best, which is why we work to make our products top-notch the first time.

Our field staff and project managers are factory-trained and approved applicators of the following brands:

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