Durex is a Leader in Resinous Seamless Wall Installations.

Our resinous and fiberglass-reinforced wall systems offer the end user a seamless and sanitary solution for environments that require an upgrade from traditional wall coating systems.

All Durex Seamless Wall installations can be customized to provide the level of protection needed for any project.  Customizable options for any Durex wall systems are as follows:

Decorative Mosaic Quartz or Flake Finish

Clients designing more elegant spaces such as spas or hotel rooms often opt for seamless decorative wall panels. We offer beautiful mosaic quartz and flake finishes that are as durable as they are aesthetically pleasing. With our simple installation system, you can have these classy customizable wall finishes installed in virtually any space — and they’re built to last.

Antimicrobial Agent Additive

In spaces where moisture is an issue, we strongly recommend that you customize your wall systems and flooring systems to include an antimicrobial agent additive. Not only is this bacteria-resistant additive safe to use, but it can help to keep you and your pool or shower areas safe from harmful microorganisms. We only use the most effective additives in our products, so speak with an expert today about the benefits of this option.

Reinforced Fiberglass Cloth

When you work with us, you have the option of choosing reinforced fiberglass cloth to strengthen your wall systems. Reinforced fiberglass cloth is made up of small fibers woven together that increase the wall’s structural integrity and help prevent physical damage. 

Flexible Impact Resistant Membrane Wall System

Flexible impact resistant membrane wall systems are highly recommended customization options for clients who need an extra layer of impact protection. It’s easy to install as part of the wall system construction process, and it’s designed to last — and make your wall system last — for decades.

UV Stable Urethane Seal Coats

We offer UV stable urethane seal coats for customers who are looking for extra top coat protection. This coating provides UV resistance, scratch protection, which makes it a perfect option for walls that get substantial exposure to outdoor light. This seal coat also works well well applied over most other seamless wall systems.

Chemical and Stain Resistant Seal Coats

For most of our seamless wall or flooring installation projects, we recommend that our customers choose a seal coat that contains chemical and stain-resistant properties. These seal coats are especially useful in environments such as labs and kitchens, where chemical or other materials are likely to come into contact with walls or floors.

Rounded Seamless Vertical & Horizontal Corner Details – No 90 Degree Corners

For clients who prefer rounded vertical and horizontal room corners, we have a detailing process to accommodate those specifications. We’re able to round corners between walls, between walls and ceilings and between walls and floors with a simple process. Whether you need rounded seamless corner details for aesthetic flow or to prevent particles from getting trapped in 90-degree corners, we have you covered.

Seamless Floor to Wall Transition Creates a Seamless Environment

At Durex Coverings, we specialize in creating seamless resinous flooring to wall transitions for a sleeker, cleaner look than what is typically found in traditional floor-to-wall construction. Our expert installation techniques ensure you get the most seamless look possible — and additionally, that dust and bacteria don’t get stuck in any seams or corners.

DymaFlake Wall System

Seamless Wall and Flooring Installation Systems

Durex is a factory trained and licensed installer of the following wall systems:

  • Descoglas – Fiberglass Reinforced Wall System (Sika Industrial Flooring)
  • Saniglass – Fiberglass Reinforced Wall System (General Polymers)
  • Saniflex – Flexible Wall System (General Polymers)
  • Wall Coat E – Seamless Wall Coating (Dex-o-Tex)
  • Scratch Coat 300 – Scrape Coat Mastic (Dudick)

Choose Durex Coverings, Inc., for Your Seamless Resinous Wall and Flooring Systems

If you have questions about our products or services, contact us today and request a price estimate on any of our wall or flooring systems. When you choose us as your wall and flooring system contractor, we’ll send an expert directly to your site to determine project details for free. Fill out our simple online contact form to get started!

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