For additional protection to your walls and sidewalks, choose an exterior solution from Durex Coverings. Our exterior elastomeric solutions add safety and protection to flooring spaces and walls while improving the surface’s aesthetic appeal.

Durex is an industry leader in cementitious and exterior elastomeric solutions. From waterproofing to decorative stenciling to basic exterior coatings, our high-quality exterior product line is diverse.

Durex Coverings’ exterior services include various types of coating, stenciling and waterproofing installations. Whichever option you choose for your needs, the team at Durex Coverings will ensure that your elastomeric coating installation is durable and long-lasting.

Non-Skid Coating Installation

A non-skid coating is layered on top of the existing flooring in your facility. When the non-skid coating is applied, small particles in the mixture will give the concrete surface texture. Durex Coverings has many options to make your non-skid coating smooth or rough to meet your needs.

Adding a non-skid coating to your floors will provide a safe walkway for foot traffic. Because it’s a permanent solution, it will eliminate the need for repurchasing similar items, like floor mats. This is ideal for environments that often collect moisture on the floors from rain or snow, such as pool decks, porches and sidewalks, lobbies and entrances, schools and more.

Secure your flooring surfaces with a non-skid coating from Durex Coverings. Get in touch with our experts today to learn more about how we can provide your facility with a non-skid coating solution.

Stair and Stadium Seating Coating Services

Many stadiums at schools and universities are constructed with little structural differentiation between the stairs and seating. Adding a coating to the stairs and seats will help sports fans get a secure foot grip in most kinds of weather. Plus, the coating makes for a slip-free seat in the stadium.

Durex Coverings has many stair and stadium seating coatings to choose from. We will work with you to find a solution for your arena.

Decorative Stenciling

To spruce up your exterior flooring, consider decorative stenciling services from Durex Coverings. A recent development in exterior solutions, decorative stenciling gives plain walls or floors a fresh look with minimal effort.

The experts at Durex Coverings will prep your floors or walls, then apply a layer of the decoration of your choice. We make it easy to enhance a concrete sidewalk with a brick finish or unique pattern.

Colored Concrete Toppings

Another way to improve your flooring is through colored concrete toppings. Select your preferred color, and we’ll put it on your new concrete floor. The color will be consistent throughout the room and last for years to come.

Cementitious Floor Waterproofing

Concrete is a durable and strong material that lasts for years. Take your concrete flooring to the next level with cementitious waterproofing. Waterproofing your concrete will ensure that water, salts and contaminants cannot penetrate the concrete. Waterproof concrete lasts longer and defends against wear and tear, exposure and chemical spillage much better than traditional bare concrete.

Speak with an expert at Durex Coverings today to learn more about cementitious waterproofing.

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For exterior elastomeric solutions in Pennsylvania, Maryland and the Mid-Atlantic area, work with the best in the business. Since 1964, Durex Coatings has been an industry leader for cementitious and exterior elastomeric solutions. Our team will work to find the right solution for your needs and offer top-notch customer service from start to finish.

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