Durex’s Mosaix Floor product line utilizes multi-colored quartz aggregates and chemical resistant epoxy or urethane resin technology to create a 1/8-inch decorative seamless flooring system.

The Mosaix Floor product line is perfect for sanitary environments such as Labs, cleanrooms, bathrooms, Locker Rooms, etc.


Our Mosaix floor line offers many benefits to companies and organizations looking for attractive, durable and chemical-resistant flooring. You can trust that our Mosaix floors will help create a sterile environment with many important attributes. For example, the flooring is VOC-compliant, i.e. low odor. It is also abrasion-, slip- and stain-resistant to stand up to spills, scratches and other accidents that may occur. There are also various grades of slip resistance available.

Mosaix floor line requires very little maintenance, it will be easy to clean. And the flooring is highly durable, with waterproofing and anti-fracture membranes available.

In addition to all its sterile properties, the Mosaix floor line features an attractive and subtle mosaic pattern that will fit in with any room design and decor. It comes in 16 standard color options, including Aqua, Icicle, Dirty Blonde, Citrus, Jungle, Springtime and more. We also offer customizable flooring for environments that have heavy point loading, chemical exposure, slope to drain and more.

The Mosaix floor line is ideal in many different areas, such as:

  • Pharmaceutical manufacturing
  • Laboratory environments
  • Veterinary clinics and hospitals
  • Shower and restroom areas
  • Clean Rooms
  • Hospital and healthcare facilities
  • Animal research
  • And more

Our Mosaix flooring systems will be installed by the highly trained and qualified installers at Durex Coverings, so you can be sure it’s installed properly.

Mosaix Flooring Types

In addition to our standard 1/8-inch Mosaix flooring options, we have several other variations in the Mosaix line, including:

  • Mosaix Floor #190: 3/16-inch decorative seamless flooring system with mosaic mixture of clear epoxy resins and ceramic quartz aggregate.
  • Mosaix Floor HD: 1/4-inch decorative seamless flooring system that uses a heavy-duty trowel-applied mortar system of color-quartz aggregates and epoxy technology.
  • Mosaix Cementight: 1/4-inch decorative seamless flooring system that is thermal-, shock- and heat-resistant and uses heavy-duty hybrid urethane composition technology.

All of our Mosaix flooring also comes in numerous colors. With these variations, you’re sure to find the perfect solution for your space.

From kitchens that require a heat- and chemical-resistant floor system that traditional floors can’t provide to manufacturing spaces needing an impact-resistant floor solution that’s easy to clean to bathrooms and locker rooms that require a slip-resistant surface with no grout joints for dirt, grime and scum to collect, countless locations can benefit from our flooring. It’s perfect for all kinds of tough conditions.

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