For an airport, stadium, rec center or similar facility, you need institutional flooring that will look attractive and stand up to everyday wear and tear. At Durex Coverings, we offer custom solutions to meet your exact requirements.

Durex Covering’s seamless floor and wall product line is the ideal solution in commercial environments. Our floor and wall systems are often used in areas such as:

  • Shower areas
  • Common areas
  • Corridors and foyers
  • Restrooms
  • Mechanical rooms
  • Locker rooms

Institutional Polymer Flooring

Between high traffic, rigorous cleaning processes and the risk of moisture, floors in institutional facilities endure substantial wear and tear. The floor and wall products at Durex Coverings will help increase your institution’s structural durability and longevity. Read more about our options, and contact Durex Coverings to order institutional flooring today.

Public Restroom Flooring

Public restrooms experience high traffic volume as well as daily cleanings. Your restroom flooring matters and can contribute to your brand image. Durex Coverings offers epoxy bathroom flooring that will stand up to the normal challenges of public restroom use and maintenance.

The smooth surface of fluid-applied flooring in bathrooms makes cleaning easy. This waterproof floor coating for public restrooms leaves no space for dirt and germs to collect. Epoxy bathroom flooring is ideal for public restrooms to protect against damage from moisture. We also carry a variety of color options to suit your needs.

Corridor and Foyer Flooring

Your corridors and foyers are among the first areas your customers and employees notice when they enter the building. For a flooring system that is durable against heavy foot traffic and debris, choose Durex Coverings.

Our institutional flooring options include no-slip textured floor coatings, an ideal solution in the event of rainy and snowy weather. No-slip texture offers top-notch durability so your epoxy flooring will last through many years.

Mechanical Room Flooring

Your mechanical room sees a lot of tough work, so it needs a floor that’s even tougher. An epoxy flooring system from Durex Coverings can last through even the most intensive mechanical operations.

Although concrete is strong, it is porous and prone to moisture damage. Our epoxy flooring has a seamless design with no cracks or crevices for water to seep into. Epoxy is also strong enough to handle heavy equipment. If your mechanical room’s equipment causes temperatures to fluctuate, ask the Durex Coverings team about coatings that will protect against thermal shock.

Durex’s client list for these types of environments:

  • National Aquarium – Baltimore, MD
  • Oriole Park at Camden Yards – Baltimore, MD
  • M&T Bank Stadium – Baltimore, MD
  • Congressional County Club – Potomac, MD
  • Dulles Airport – Dulles, VA
  • Mary Switzer Building – Washington, DC
  • Albright’s Laundry – Reading, PA
  • Alcoa Mill – Lancaster, PA
  • MM Weaver & Sons – Leola, PA
  • New l Rec Center – New Holland, PA

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Durex Coverings has provided solutions for institutional flooring since 1964. We are an industry leader because of our quality flooring and excellent customer service. We put our customers first in every aspect of our business, serving clients in Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia, Delaware, New Jersey and D.C.

From design to installation, our team will create an epoxy flooring system that is customized to your needs. We have installed institutional and general service flooring for many companies. 

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Troweled Quartz Mosaix Floor
Mosaix Floor in Restroom