Food and beverage facility flooring must meet FDA standards and be able to keep up with production. With intense cleaning, sudden temperature changes and heavy foot traffic, food factory flooring must stand up to the test.

Durex Coverings offers floor and wall systems that are designed for commercial kitchens, breweries and similar industrial facilities. If your food processing flooring endures daily abuse, Durex Coverings has a durable and long-lasting solution for your needs. You can use our industrial food-grade flooring in the following environments:

  • Food processing and packaging
  • Commercial kitchens
  • Bakeries
  • Meat, dairy and produce facilities
  • Dry goods storage
  • Meat and seafood department of grocery stores

Industrial Food-Grade Flooring

Food and beverage flooring must meet a variety of requirements. As one of the strongest materials on the market, Urethane Composition Flooring is ideal for commercial kitchen floor surfaces. Through cleanings, foot traffic and temperature fluctuations, your commercial kitchen urethane flooring will last for many years.

Continue operation with minimal shut-down time with protection against:

Thermal Shock

Many food factories have hot areas that use high-temperature water wash-downs and draining for hot water tanks, steam, fryer oil and oven heat. Sudden temperature changes may cause thermal shock and damage your flooring, resulting in cracks and bubbling. Urethane commercial kitchen flooring withstands many tough conditions for long-lasting flooring in your facility.

Wet Climate

If your food factory or brewery flooring frequently gets wet, it’s essential to have a smooth, seamless surface since porous surfaces, cracks and crevices provide a place for bacteria to grow. Our commercial kitchen urethane flooring system adds a layer of protection to your flooring to make your floor is germ-free.

Impact Abuse

Your flooring is subjected to heavy traffic every day  from facility employees, crates, forklifts, carts and more. Choose commercial kitchen flooring that will still look brand new even on the hardest day.

Cold Storage

The flooring in your kitchen or brewery’s cooler and freezer must be able to last through the low temperatures. Urethane commercial kitchen floor finishes don’t become brittle in cold environments, so you won’t have to stop operations to repair cracks.

Hot Grease

Your commercial kitchen flooring must protect against hot substances. Our urethane flooring won’t crack, bubble or peel if hot grease gets on the floor, making it an ideal solution for cooking areas.

Rigorous Cleaning Procedures

Chemicals from cleaning procedures and ingredients in sugar and oil can be acidic and erode your flooring. Even after the most intense cleaning, your commercial-grade kitchen flooring will stay strong and durable. Because our flooring has no nooks or crannies for bacteria to hide and grow, you can rest assured that your floors from Durex Coverings are as sanitary as possible.

Durex’s Food & Beverage client list includes:

  • Nestle Foods – Laurel, MD
  • Heavy Seas Brewing – Baltimore, MD
  • Bowen Cheese – Brandywine, MD
  • East Coast Produce – Elkridge, MD
  • Seagrams Bottling – Baltimore, MD
  • Morningstar Bakery – Frederick, MD
  • Stauffer Biscuit – York, PA
  • Palmer Chocolate – Wyomissing, PA
  • Godiva Chocolate – Reading, PA
  • Reading Bakery – Reading, PA

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