Industries Served

Durex provides customized solutions tailored specifically towards your Industry. Our diverse product line has been proven successful through our 50+ year history in the industry. We offer wall products and flooring systems with epoxy coating to protect concrete while providing a seamless flooring surface that’s durable, chemical-resistant and easy to clean. We have products that are also heat-resistant, impact-resistant and designed to keep your business operating efficiently no matter how harsh the environment.

  • Tan Shower Flooring
    Vet Facilites & Animal Shelters

    Durex specializes in providing seamless, chemical resistant, and sanitary environments for the Veterinary community. The epoxy coating on our flooring system and wall products ensures that they can stand up to the conditions of areas such as grooming rooms, kennel areas, exam rooms, lobby spaces, surgery rooms and more. We have many veterinary facilities and animal shelter clients in Maryland, including Midway Pet ER, Damascus Vet Hospital and Howard County Animal Control.

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  • Speckled Gray Floor in Cafeteria
    Institutional & General Service

    Durex’s seamless Floor and Wall product line can also be used in commercial environments. These products are perfect for bathrooms, common areas, locker rooms, mechanical rooms, shower areas, foyers and corridors. Our commercial clients include the National Aquarium in Baltimore, MD, Dulles Airport in Dulles, VA, M&T Bank Stadium in Baltimore, MD, and more.

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  • Red, Gray and Yellow Flooring in Fire House

    Durex’s high gloss and UV resistant floor and wall systems are specifically designed for the Automotive Industry. Durex products can be found in parts rooms, show rooms, fire houses, vehicle maintenance bays, wash bays and more. Major car dealers use our products, including Masano Mercedes in Reading, PA, Ideal Buick in Frederick, MD, Gamber Fire Station in Gamber, MD, and more.

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  • White Floor in Industrial Warehouse
    Manufacturing & Industrial

    Durex’s Industrial product line provides impact resistant, high gloss, and chemical resistant Floor and Wall systems as the solution to your industrial needs. You’ll find our seamless flooring and wall products in environments such as warehouses, wash bays, manufacturing and packaging, places with acid resistance requirements and more. Our manufacturing and industrial clients include NASA and FEMA locations in Maryland, MTA in Baltimore, MD, Ernst Trucking in Orwigsburg, PA and more.

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  • Red Flooring Near Industrial Mixer
    Food & Beverage

    Thermal Shock…Wet Climate…Impact Abuse…Minimal Shut-down time…Cold Storage…Hot Grease…Rigorous Cleaning Procedures…Durex’s Floor and Wall systems are designed for the Food & Beverage industry. Because our seamless flooring with epoxy coating is produced for harsh environments where heat and chemical resistance are very important, it’s ideal for bakeries, food processing and packaging, dry goods storage, commercial kitchens, grocery stores — especially meat and seafood departments — and meat, dairy and produce facilities.

    Durex flooring systems and wall systems are used in many major food and beverage companies in the area, such as Godiva Chocolate in Reading, PA, Nestle Foods in Laurel, MD, Guinness Brewery in Baltimore, MD, and more.

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  • Blue and White Speckled Floor
    Bio-technology & Pharmaceutical

    Durex’s Floor and Wall systems are used to create seamless, sanitary, and chemical resistant environments, which makes them a perfect fit for the bio-tech and pharmaceutical industries. Our products are designed for a number of different areas in these environments, including pharmaceutical manufacturing, labs and autoclaves, bio-containment and more. You’ll find them in Merck’s in North Carolina, Virginia and Pennsylvania locations, Johnson & Johnson in Pennsylvania, the National Cancer Institute in Maryland and more.

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  • Black Cat Design on White Floor

    Our product line has proven extremely successful in School, University, & General Education environments, as well as school sports arenas and stadiums. You’ll find our flooring systems in areas such as classrooms, kitchens, pool decks, locker rooms, bathrooms and corridors. Some of our education clients include Loyola University in Baltimore, MD, George Mason University in Fairfax, VA, Spring Grove Athletic Stadium in Spring Grove, PA, and more. 

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  • White and Blue Floor in Healthcare Facility

    Durex specializes in providing all inclusive solutions to meet the needs of the Healthcare market. Our seamless flooring and wall products are well-suited for numerous healthcare environments, including corridors, operating rooms, lobby areas, hospital kitchens, patient restrooms and more. We’ve provided products to numerous healthcare organizations, ssuch as Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore, MD, Hershey Children’s Hospital in Hershey, PA, University of MD, St. Joseph Medical Center in Towson, MD and more.

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