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Multipurpose Floor Solution

Large Church  Central Pennsylvania PROBLEM: The church had a large multi-use room that was carpeted with the pattern of a basketball/volleyball court in the early 2000’s. They were never very successful with keeping the carpet clean and the seams between the pattern layout had begun to peal over the years making cleaning even more difficult. The cost of the wood basketball court […]

Manufacturing Plant

Manufacturing Plant / Exterior Upgrade Pennsylvania PROBLEM: This project is at a 113 year old Manufacturing plant that needed to upgrade the main entrance. Like many plant operations they tend to concentrate on production while the facility tends to be neglected. All clients use this entrance. Not a good first impression. The Concrete steps and landings […]

Milk Processing Facility

Milk Processing Facility Landover, MD PROBLEM: After years of abuse from milk processing, the concrete in this facility became pitted and started to spall. A solution was required to repair and protect the concrete from future degradation. The Challenge was that the industrial floor treatment needed to be acid and impact resistant as well as moisture […]

Quality Counts!!

Vet Hospital Jefferson, MD PROBLEM: The owner of a new animal facility was looking for a flooring product that was durable, easily maintained, chemical resistant & Seamless!! Sounds like an easy sell for our Epoxy or MMA product line. But not so fast, unfortunately this owner was burned in the past by an unqualified epoxy installer using the wrong system and […]

100 Year Old Brewery

PROBLEM: Over the years the constant process of beer making, clean up and wash down methods have taken a toll on the original porous concrete floors. The aggregate showed through most of the slab. The buildings are multi-floor structures that have had water penetration issues for years. The owner was looking for a solution to […]

Animal Shelter Facility

PROBLEM: A government animal shelter facility required floor and wall solutions for interior and exterior environments.  Because of the different environmental conditions, one product would not satisfy the requirements of each area. Durex was asked to provide a customized product mix for each area and the associated environmental condition. SOLUTION: Using a combination of Epoxy, Methyl […]

Substrate Repair – Self Leveling Underlayment

PROBLEM:                                                       An elderly care facility was renovating an old building to add more space for their growing population. The renovation involved moving many walls/partitions in the old kitchen area to create a new medical wing. The existing quarry tile was missing in spots, damaged in others and unable to receive new floor finishes. The schedule […]

University Lab Environment

University Research Facility Washington, DC PROBLEM: A large University in the Nation’s Capital underwent an upper level fit-out over occupied classrooms while school was in session. As you can imagine this presented many obstacles to overcome. The new area consisted of BSL-3 labs, animal holding and agricultural research. The University wanted a flooring surface suitable for […]

Boutique Goat Milk Farm

Boutique Goats Milk Farm PROBLEM: A boutique goat farm needed a flooring solution that would stand up to the concrete corrosion caused by the milk processing process.  The facility was only able to suspend operations for 3 days while the goats were milked at a neighboring facility. The facility conditions included wet and milk saturated […]

Kitchen Renovation – MMA Flooring

PROBLEM: A national tourism venue in Baltimore needed a new flooring solution in a commercial kitchen. The existing kitchen flooring was greasy and contaminated from years of abuse.  This kitchen is active 7 days a week.  DUREX was asked to find a flooring solution that would withstand the harsh conditions of a commercial kitchen that […]