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Brown Marble Lobby Floor

A Major Marble Tile Problem….

Sports Complex and Hotel Lancaster, PA   Problem: The owner’s design team picked a very high end marble tile for the entry lobby of the new hotel. The tile shipped from over-seas and after a 16 week lead time, the tile arrived with manufacturing defects. The entire lot of tile was unusable. The hotel was […]

Car Dealership Garage

Keep us open for business…PLEASE!

Hershey, PA Problem: This Auto Dealership remodeled their showroom, drop-off and office areas. We needed to come up with a way to install all of these areas without the owner losing service income since they remained open during the entire remodel.  Solution: Durex recommended a decorative system to dress up the floor in their drop-off […]

Kitchen Floor

Large University Kitchen

Large University Kitchen Newark, DE PROBLEM: A new dining facility required a floor system that was seamless and also resistant to live steam and boiling water, hot cooking grease, and heavy cart traffic.  Quarry Tile has been problematic in kitchen environments for the University due to loose tiles and the unhygienic condition of grout joints. […]

Red Flooring Near Industrial Mixer

Poured Flooring over Brick!

Food Processing Plant Cambridge, MD PROBLEM: The facilities manufacturing area had old dairy brick as the flooring substrate. Over time the grout joints failed. As a result the production/manufacturing lines became impossible to clean. Bacteria and mildew built up making the production lines unsanitary and unable to produce products. Due to the fact that all […]

Stripped Floor

How to Turn a Hotel into Apartments…..

Problem:  The existing property was once a high class hotel in the early 1900’s and has now been rehabilitated into Senior Living Apartments to serve the needs of its community in a different capacity.  The General Contractor requested our assistance in coming up with a solution to salvage the use of the existing floor system […]

Gray Floor

New Kitchen Flooring…NO TIME TO WASTE!

Problem: The general contractor’s sequencing only allowed for a 2.5 day installation duration (including prep). The owner and contractor were concerned about finding a flooring system that could be installed over the newly poured concrete slab and would hold up to the abuse that comes from operating a commercial kitchen.  The owner also expressed concern […]

Dark Gray Design on Light Gray Floor

National Tourism Venue

Problem:  A nationally renowned tourism “hot spot”  in the heart of Baltimore needed an upgrade to their 20+ year old ceramic tile floor in the Catering Venue.  Due to the loss of revenue associated with the down time required to completely demo and replacing the existing ceramic tile, the facility looked to Durex to provide […]

Tan Glossy Flooring

Sports Complex

Problem: The sports complex built a three floor hotel within the vacant side of the existing building. In order to meet the building requirements all interior partitions and decks were to be metal. The owner and builder were concerned with the fire rating and sound control provided by the metal deck. All spaces on the […]

Red Flooring Near Industrial Mixer

Cheese Manufacturing Flooring

Boutique Cheese Manufacturing Eastern Pennsylvania Problem: The owner of a cheese manufacturing facility needed a flooring solution that would stand up to the harsh abuse and cleaning that is present during the manufacturing process of cheese and other dairy products. Solution: Durex chose to install a urethane composition floor system.  Urethane composition flooring is a […]

Blue and White Speckled Floor

Are moisture test results delaying your project?

Biotechnology Firm Baltimore Metropolitan Region Problem: A Biotechnology firm was constructing an addition to their existing manufacturing plant.  Due to the fast-paced construction schedule and lack of conditioned spaces, moisture in the concrete began to delay the installation of finished flooring. Solution: Durex was approached by the designer and provided our Pharmafloor product as a […]