Multipurpose Floor Solution

Large Church 

Central Pennsylvania

PROBLEM: The church had a large multi-use room that was carpeted with the pattern of a basketball/volleyball court in the early 2000’s. They were never very successful with keeping the carpet clean and the seams between the pattern layout had begun to peal over the years making cleaning even more difficult. The cost of the wood basketball court was 3 times over budget.  The customer was looking for an alternative flooring solution.

SOLUTION: Durex proposed a seamless decorative flake epoxy (Dymaflake) floor with a high wear topcoat in lieu of the hardwood basketball court floor. Durex started by removing the existing carpet down to the bare concrete including the residual glue/mastic left over. Next, all the joints in the concrete were treated and the full Dymaflake flooring system was installed. Lastly the striping for the court was installed. The entire project cost less than 45% of the cost of a new hardwood basketball court.  new basketball flooringnew poured basketball flooring Basketball flooring before