100 Year Old Brewery


Over the years the constant process of beer making, clean up and wash down methods have taken a toll on the original porous concrete floors. The aggregate showed through most of the slab. The buildings are multi-floor structures that have had water penetration issues for years. The owner was looking for a solution to repair the failing concrete while creating a containment area on each floor that would eliminate wash water from leaking down floor to floor. The work space was extremely tight working around, under and behind the fermentation tanks. On top of the tight space we had to deal with constant moisture conditions and issues throughout the project.


The method selected was to use a Urethane Cement with a Polyaspartic Seal Coat. The general contractor poured concrete in some areas due to the extent of the damage.  We then infilled the deeper areas and filled the cracks to prepare the floor for the Urethane Cement System. It was difficult installing this system in these tight spaces and site conditions while maintaining the quality of work the owner and Durex expected. We completed the project ahead of schedule. The owner complimented us on our workmanship as well as our professionalism through every step of the project.

new brewery flooring
Old brewery flooring