To keep your project on track, consider pouring cement underlayment over your concrete plank or distressed concrete prior to other trades arriving on the site.

Self-leveling underlayments provide a smooth surface for marking and laying drywall tracking, which ultimately gives the customer a better job overall. Typical strengths range from 4000 to 7500 PSI. Cement underlayments work well under hard finished floor systems like vinyl or ceramic tile and withstand years of traffic.

Since 1986, Durex has gained certified contractor status on various products and have poured hundreds of truckloads of these products throughout the Mid-Atlantic region.

Typical uses of self leveling polymers cement underlayments:

  • School Renovations
  • Commercial Structure Renovation
  • Pre-Cast Plank Construction
  • Institutional Renovation and Construction

Self Leveling Polymer Cement Toppings

Cement Toppings are best used when the entire concrete floor is pitted or damaged. After removing the bad concrete, a cement topping is applied and binds with the remaining floor. The result is a new concrete surface with comparible or greater compressive strengths as a new poured slab of concrete.

Typical uses of cement toppings

  • Commercial Structure Renovation
  • Institutional Renovation

Gypsum Cement Underlayments

There have been recent technological advances in the gypsum cement underlayment market that raise the bar on what you, the customer, should expect from a gypsum cement underlayment product. As a customer, you should no longer live with gypsum products that rate less than 2000 PSI. Manufacturers are now providing gypsum cement underlayments with PSI ratings from 2500 to 4500 pounds.

These products will last longer and have less tendancy to crumble under years of traffic under hard finished ceramic tile and will withstand years of traffic.

Durex has also partnered with other underlayment manufacturers to provide our customers with the best possible solution to a substrate problem.

Our field staff and project managers are factory-trained and approved applicators of the following brands: